Plus 9 “Short Takes” at the end that will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”
How do you know when the dying process has started.
The Euromission to defeat the mythical surrounding hordes and expand.
We’ve added a new site for the intellectuals among us, plus Short Takes leads with a Russian talk show exchange that blows all preconceptions.
Imagine if “Ma Bell” needed to approve every phone call … or Verizon, etc.
Getting old means giving up on finding a comfortable pair of shoes.
Links to sites that will keep you fully informed about events in Eastern Europe.
Today is our 11th wedding anniversary. I started a new life at age 76.
Make you vote count. Support a disruptor like Tulsi Gabbard.
I’m a guest in his country and there are laws that punish traitorous criticism,.
STUPIDITY leads the pack rounding the bend heading straight into the Apocalypse.
Discovering oneself on the floor without knowing how it happened.